Founded in 1922 for Scots in France, The Caledonian Society of France has an active membership consisting both of Scots and of lovers of Scotland, brought together with a view to maintaining Scottish traditions.

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UPDATE 28/09/15:     St Andrew's Night     Saturday 28th November 2015
Saturday 28th November 2015                St Andrew's Night    

8.00pm - 1.00am
Ecole Militaire
1 Place Joffre
75007 Paris       

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We would like to reassure all members and friends that the Caledonian Society's St. Andrew's Night Dinner and Dance on  28th November in the Ecole Militaire will indeed go ahead as planned.  We hope to have as much support as possible from you and your friends.  Security may be tightened up but apart from that we do not expect things to be different from last year. So don't hesitate, come along and enjoy a happy evening.
We look forward to seeing you.

Best wishes,

The Committee